Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hip-Hop Stars and Their NFL Doppelgangers Pt. 2

Hip-Hop Stars and Their NFL Doppelgangers Pt. 2

Finals are done which means I can get back on my blogging grind, so enjoy!

Here's my next batch of hip-hop stars and their NFL doppelgangers:

LMFAO = Rob Gronkowski

LMFAO just recently broke up which is heartbreaking, but their legacy of party-rocking lives on. Similarly, Rob Gronkowski just broke his forearm, but his legacy of being the best damn tight end in the NFL and also one of the league's hardest partiers remains.

These guys are all good at what they do, but more importantly they're even better at having fun. LMFAO's song “Get Crazy” is the theme to Jersey Shore, they made a series of sick music videos all spoofing horror movies which I totally dig, and their songs “I'm Sexy and I Know It” and “Shots” will be heard in bars and nightclubs for decades to come.

What about Rob Gronkowski? Dude absolutely kills it week after week. He had a record-setting season last year, got into all kinds of controversy by lending his jersey to a porn star for a quick photo op, and supposedly got tangled up with some jailbait while out raging.

No one parties harder than the Gronk, though I'd put some money down that LMFAO could give him a run for his money.

Rick Ross = Albert Haynesworth

They're both big, make (or in Haynesworth's case, made) more money than they deserve(d), and only occasionally do something noteworthy while primarily sticking to being enormous embarrassments.

Rick Ross raps slow, rhymes the same word with itself over and over again, and somehow still has fans. Also I think he had a heart attack already and the dude's in his mid-30's.

Haynesworth was so overweight when he played for the Redskins that he didn't pass the fitness test, yet for some reason people were still advocating his presence. He's played on four teams since joining the league, however everyone's had enough sense to stay away from him after 2011.

Both are hacks.

50 Cent = Drew Brees

Sound crazy? Bear with me . . .

First of all, both of these guys are struggling to make a comeback right now (see Fiddy's new track with Eminem and Adam Levine and the Saints' record for proof). Both have been highly publicized because of some tragedy that happened years ago which has helped boost their media image (Fiddy got shot nine times and Brees plays for the Saints of New Orleans which was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina once upon a time).

Contextually, Brees is obviously a superior football player than 50 Cent is a rapper right now, but considering Fiddy's other ventures (Vitamin Water, for one), the dude is still outrageously successful bringing him almost back up to par with Brees.

So there you have it, two successful guys who despite their media-hyped hardships have stayed true to their respective games and are both angling for a comeback AT THIS EXACT MOMENT.

What do you all think about these three pairs of doppelgangers? Killing it or way off?  

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